COS Rentals

Important documents:


Opening Times:

  • All COS facilities are open from 09h.00 to 00h.00
  • At 00.00h the sound system will be turned off automatically
  • Maximum event break down/cleaning and final check time is 00.30h
  • This means the final cleaning checklist is completed together with a COS Staff Member, and all event personnel have vacated the premises
  • If any event guests/personnel are remaining or, if the final checklist is not completed by 00.30h, the party host will be charged an additional €50 per each additional half hour, no exceptions!

Contracts, Deposits, and Fees:

  • You are free to place a booking request on a room at any given time via the COS Rental Website. Once COS has accepted your request, you are required to pay a down payment of 50% of the total rental price
  • Your booking is not confirmed until the 50% down payment is received
  • A additional deposit amount of €100 is also required at this time. This is to ensure that the final checklist has been sufficiently completed and submitted to a COS Staff Member and the building is vacated by 00.30h
  • You may cancel your booking up to (2) weeks prior to your event date and your down payment and deposit will be refunded to you in full
  • If you cancel your booking after the (2) week period, you forfeit your 50% down payment

Discount for multiple room rentals:

  • If you require the use of additional rooms during your booking, you will receive a discounted rental rate on these additional rooms.

Room Set-Up:

  • You have the room to rent for the exact times, set up, tear down
  • You may not use any tape/pins/stapes/etc. on any of the walls in any room. Only blue or white sticky tack is acceptable.
  • You are able to construct your own set up, as long as nothing is ever blocking any of the doors or exit paths
  • At the conclusion of your rental you are required to reset the room to its normal position as you found it


  • Use of the atrium sound system is an additional €75
  • A separate Sound System Use agreement must be signed and followed for use of the Atrium Sound System
  • At 00.00hrs the sound system will automatically be switched off

Additional Media Tools:

  • COS has a beamer and screen available for rent
  • COS has a flip chart available for rent
  • We do NOT have a laptop or computer available
  • We do have wireless internet access
  • The cost of renting and using the beamer or flipchart is €30

Atrium Organ:

  • There is a working organ in the COS Atrium available for use by a qualified organist for an additional €75


  • When renting a room at COS, use of the coffee/tea auxiliary kitchen is included
  • When renting the Atrium/Bar, use of the main kitchen and appliances is included (professional dishwasher, oven, and stove)
  • Renting the full kitchen (serving supplies, crockery, cutlery) costs an additional €55
  • If you require, coffee and tea supplies can be ordered for an additional €1 per person (based on total number of event guests)
  • Outside caterers are welcome. If they bring and use all of their own supplies then rental of the full kitchen is not required.


  • The Bar includes the use of two bar refrigerators, wine glasses, beer glasses, and a bar sink

Room Supervisor:

  • While renting a room, you are the main contact person for your booking. You may also appoint a substitute contact person if you wish
  • This person may contact our Rental Manager for any inquires leading up to the event date
  • On the day of the event, the rental contact person will receive the telephone number of our building concierge who can be contacted for any unexpected building issues, problems, or emergencies
  • At the end of the rental, the concierge will be contacted to complete the final rental checklist together with the rental contact person
  • Both the rental contact person and concierge will sign the final checklist together, after it has been completed

Damage, Theft, and Injury:

  • The use of all COS Facilities is entirely at your own risk.
  • COS is not liable for any damage or theft of any personal property
  • Children must be properly supervised as COS is not liable for any incident or injury involving children
  • In the event of any damages made to any COS property, the renter is liable for the full reparation costs