General Booking Policies:
(1) Opening Times:
COS facilities are open from 09.00h – 22.00h (Monday -Thursday) and 09.00 – 00.00h (F/Sat/Sun
Maximum event break down/cleaning and final check-out time is 00.30h (F/Sat/Sun only).
(2) Payment and additional fee conditions
(a) Upon the agreement of a booking an invoices will be raised to the client.
(b) The payment terms (days to pay) will be specified on the invoice.
(c) A booking is not confirmed until payment is received by COS, in accordance with our payment
(i) Rentals totalling < € 1,000 full advanced payment required.
(ii) Rentals totalling > € 1,000 will be divided into two payment instalments.
      (1) the 1st payment of € 1,000 is required in advance to confirm the booking and
      (2) the second payment equalling the remaining amount of the final invoice (after date of

(d) For large events (30+ people) an additional refundable deposit amount of € 100 is required.
(e) Reservations made and accepted by COS Rental less than 2 weeks prior to the rental date: Full
payment must be received by COS within 1 business day to confirm the booking.

(f) For rentals continuing past the end time of the booking: the client will be billed € 50 per each
additional half hour beginning at the start of the over time.
(g) For regular rentals payment conditions are agreed in the applicable rental agreement.
(3) Cancelation:
(a) All notices of cancelation or other reservation changes must be received in writing (email) to
(b) The following refund policy is applicable to you booking:
Notice of cancellation received : Refund :
 up to 21 days prior to the rental date 100% of total booking cost
 between 20 and 14 days prior to the rental

50% of total booking cost
 Between 13 to 8 days prior to the event date 25% of total booking cost.
 from 7 or less days prior to the event date No refund
(4) Use of Kitchens:
(a)When renting any room at COS, the use of the coffee/tea auxiliary kitchen is included, supplies
are excluded.
(b) When renting the Atrium/Bar area, use of the main kitchen and appliances is included
(refrigerators, professional dish washer, microwave, oven & stove, etc.), supplies are excluded.
(c) If required; coffee and tea supplies can be ordered for an additional charge.
(d) Outside caterers are always welcome.
(5) Use/Set-Up and Tear-Down:
(a) The use of any pins, staples, or SELLO/SCOTCH TAPE is NOT permitted anywhere in the building
(b) The client is free to construct their own particular room set up, ensuring that all exit ways and
doors remain unobstructed.
(c) At the conclusion of the booking the client:
(i) is responsible to reset the rented area generally back to its original neutral set up.
(ii) is responsible to take out any items which were brought in i.e. food, drinks, decorations,
etc. All Items must be removed and taken back home or placed in the large dumpster at
(iii) must switch off the heating thermostats of the room (not applicable for atrium/bar area
and the church).
(6) Damage, Theft, and Injury:
a The use of any and all COS Facilities is at the clients own risk.
b COS is not liable for any damage or theft of any personal property.
c Children must be properly supervised at all times; COS is not liable for any incidents or injury
occurred on our premises.
d In the event of any damage(s) to any COS property, the client is responsible for the full costs of
repair or replacement and need to directly inform COS rental about the damage.

(7) By accepting the booking the client agrees to these conditions.