COS Rentals

Important documents:



Opening Times:

  • All COS facilities are open from 09:00 to 00:00h.
  • At 00:00h the sound system will be turned off automatically.
  • For a rental up until 00.00h, maximum event break down/cleaning and final check time is 00.30h.
  • Check out means the final cleaning checklist is completed together with a COS Staff Member, and all event personnel have vacated the premises.
  • If any event guests/personnel are remaining after the agreed check out time or the final checklist is not completed by the agreed check out time, the party host will be charged an additional €50 per each additional half hour, no exceptions!

Contracts, Deposits, and Cancellation Fees:

  • You are free to place a booking reservation on a room at any given time via nl website. Once COS has accepted your request, you are required to make a payment for the total rental price plus security deposit. Rentals over €1000 will be divided into two payments with a minimum of €1000 down.
  • Your booking is not confirmed until the payment is received.
  • A security deposit in the amount of €100 is required. The deposit is to ensure that the COS Check-out Checklist has been submitted to the COS Rental Manager, the minimal clean-up has been sufficiently completed, and the building is vacated no later than by 00.30h.
  • You may cancel your reservation up to three (3) weeks prior to your event and your down payment and security deposit will be refunded to you in-full.
  • If you cancel your reservation less than three (3) weeks prior to the event, you will forfeit 50% down payment.
  • If you cancel your reservation less than two (2) weeks prior to the event, you will forfeit 75% of the down payment. Any cancellation less than seven days in advance will forfeit the whole payment.
  • Any reservations made and approved less than three weeks prior to the event must be paid within one (1) business day to hold the reservation.

Room Set-Up:

  • You have the rented room(s) for the exact times you reserve, including for set up and tear down.
  • You may not use pins/staples/sticky tack on any of the walls in any room. 
  • You are able to construct your own set up, as long as nothing blocks any of the doors or exits 
  • There are special magnets to use in the atrium for the steel beams.  Ask the rental manager.
  • You may use clear tape when covering the tabletops.  You are responsible for removing it!
  • At the conclusion of your rental you are required to reset the room to its original position as you found it.

Sound System

  • Use of the atrium sound system is an additional €75.
  • A separate Sound System User Agreement must be signed and followed for use of the atrium sound system.
  • At 00.00h the sound system must be switched off.

 Additional Media Tools:

  • COS has beamers and projection screens available for rent for €30.
  • COS has a flip chart available for rent €30.
  • We do NOT have a laptop or computer available.
  • We do have wireless internet access. Signs are posted on the walls in the atrium.
  • Videos and slide presentations can be played on laptops and projected on the screen via a beamer for presentations.


  • When renting a room at COS, use of the coffee/tea auxiliary kitchen is included.
  • When renting the Atrium/Bar, use of the main kitchen and appliances are included (refrigerators, professional dish sanitizer, microwave, oven and stove).
  • Renting the full kitchen (serving supplies, crockery, cutlery) costs an additional €55
  • If you require, coffee and tea supplies can be ordered for an additional €1 per person (based on total number of event guests).
  • Outside caterers are welcome. If they bring and use all of their own supplies then rental of the full kitchen is not required.


  • COS is dedicated to the Green Initiative to preserve the environment through recycling.
  • There are bins in the kitchen for plastics and cans. Rinse and separate recycling material from trash. DO NOT THROW TRASH IN RECYCLING BINS.
  • All trash must be hauled out and dumped in bins near Helenastraat 8 entrance.


  • The Bar includes the use of three bar refrigerators, wine glasses, beer glasses, pitchers, trays, and a bar sink.

 Room Supervisor:

  • While renting a room, you are the main contact person for your reservation. You may also appoint a substitute contact person, if you wish, to be responsible for managing and clean-up.
  • This person may contact our Rental Manager for any inquires leading up to the event.
  • On the day of the event, the rental contact person will receive the name and telephone number of our building concierge, who can be contacted for any unexpected building issues, problems, or emergencies during the event.
  • At the end of the rental, the contact person on the rental is to contact the concierge. Together, the contact person and concierge will do a final walk-through and complete the final rental check-out checklist.
  • The rental party is responsible for any damages or cleaning if the final check-out checklist has not been completed with the concierge. Additional charges may be added to a final bill.  Copies of any signed agreements can be provided at time of signing upon request.

 Damage, Theft, and Injury:

  • The use of all COS Facilities is entirely at your own risk.
  • COS is not liable for any damage(s) or theft of any personal property.
  • Children must be properly supervised at ALL TIMES, as COS is not liable for any incidents or injuries, whatsoever.
  • In the event of any damages made to any COS property, the renter is liable for the full reparation costs.